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Nibiru 2012

Nibiru 2012
Nibiru is the Brown Dwarf Binary Sister of our Sun.

All sun systems in the galaxy are binary, and science expects us to believe that our system is not. There are some that believe in the system discovered by early Sumerian astronomers called Nibiru. Nibiru is a smoldering sun with planets and satellites revolving around it. Every 6000 years or so, it passes our sun system.  One of the planets that revolve around Nibiru is Planet X, or The Planet Of The Crossing. Sumerians believed that the Anunnaki traveled from Planet X to Earth, as the Nibiru system passed by. They used their blood to advance mankind so that humans could better work for the Anunnaki. The humans were to collect gold, so the Anunnaki can blast the gold into their atmosphere, protecting them as their planet passes dangerously close to the Sun. Every 6000 years, they return for their gold.

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Do you really have any idea how much gold it would take to line a planet’s atmosphere? Let me give you a clue. Even IF you could get all the gold on earth into a planets upper ionosphere (which is where it would have to be) the WEIGHT of it alone would send it plummeting to the surface. This Nibiru gossip is the biggest crock of doo doo out there. Study science a little more before you cast assumptions based on gas from the nether regions.

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