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One reply on “Guilt”

you are broken, hence the broken child, lest your wife be the vergin mary.
see how easy that is.
if you think of the child as an object then and only then will you ruin the child with the implementation of attempts to try to fix your own self-precieved shortcomings. having a child does not allow you another chance to re-live and improve on your own imperfect life, altho many people employ this flawed stratigy to parenting. it does not work and more importantly it is horribly unfair to the child, who after all is undamaged when it arrives initally.
the real risk in this behaveure if not working vigillantly to not pass on the guilt mindset to your child is that you rob yourself of the adulation you really desire in the long run from your children and grand children.
a card or call once in a while just to say “Thanks for being such a kickkin Dad”
don’t risk it!
be as real as you can, and in 20 quick years the adulation you recieve from your children will be authentic
this too will make you wheep
with joy

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