Vinnie Barbarino as Kylo Ren

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Vinnie Barbarino as Kylo Ren

Spoilers galore, Star Wars The Force Awakens review:

A good bad guy is what makes a movie great. Some of the best are, the Wicked Witch of the West, Colonel Kurtz, Hannibal Lecter, Frank from Blue Velvet, and Darth Vader to name a few. My biggest leap with the latest Star Wars movie was the Sith Lord guy. He was even weaker than Darth Maul who didn’t put up much of a fight either. I left the movie not remembering his name, having to search for Kylo Ren on Google. First up, he looked like Vinnie Barbarino, and I had a hard time not imagining him in a black leather Sweat Hogs coat, which was very distracting. He wasn’t bad ass enough, and this is why: When brought bad news, he destroys his own ship in an embarrassing tantrum instead of slaying the messenger. I think the Resistance should have considered planting a bad news messenger to constantly bring him bad news and have the Great Sith Lord Barbarino destroy the ship for them. “I am sorry sir, the droid got away again…” Smash – Crash – Bang – Boom… plus who would wear such a stupid mask if it was not a life support system? Insecure much? All image, no substance. Bad bad guy. Bad!

Also, J.J., good buddy,  a longer mourning period for Han Solo. I want to see Chewbacca more upset, or a quick Wookie death rite with Chewy burying or burning some personal item… not just happy and horny to fly off with Rey… (although I can understand his excitement), the viewers needed more time to feel the loss of Solo, the most interesting human of the entire franchise. Give us time to cry… the pacing seemed off there.

Thanks Disney for the new Star Wars The Force Awakens movie. I had fun, and I want to see it again and again, already.

King James’ Wooden Leg

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Snotgrass Wooden Leg promo

I heard that King James got the Kindle App for his wooden leg just in time for the free Snotgrass promo starting April 1 All Fools Day!


Label GMOs?

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GMO inside

Maine is pushing toward labeling GMO foods. Personally I support banning and burning them. Labels actually support GMO production. Organic food is already labeled. Here’s my slogan when shopping: If it don’t say Organic, it’s Satanic!

I wonder what the GMO warning labels will look like. This is what I’d like to see… GMO inside, or Got GMOs? Yeah.

If it don't say ORGANIC it's SATANIC

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Now that’s a strong immune system.

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Jesus was not vaccinated and he rose from the dead.
After this year’s outbreak of measles at Disneyland the media has had a hay day blaming the unvaccinated. Let’s look at the media attention and the intention: This year’s flu has already killed hundreds, but since this year’s flu vax has been deemed ineffective, there is no product to sell. US Center of Disease Control records state there have been 57 deaths due to the MMR vaccine in last 25 years, yet only ONE death due to measles in the same time frame. Measles is top story because the MMR vax is ready and available for sale. This is, as always, about money, or we’d be talking more about all those poor (vaccinated) kids that died unprotected of the flu this year. Google: “dies of flu 2015” for the real tragedy that no one seems to be talking about. Notice how each article on the flu vaccine states it was made with the wrong virus strain and cannot protect anyone from the flu this year, but they still suggest that everyone go out and get a shot anyway! Also notice pretty much every media channel is sponsored by drug ads and you know this is simply a marketing strategy. Mass hysteria and fear is how Big Pharma is going to make their money after releasing their failed flu vax. Here’s a very interesting CNN video report debating both sides, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate:

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Today’s can of worms

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My job is done here. You're welcome.

I believe it is the artist’s role to shake things up. Not paint pretty pictures, but make you think. Questions are better than answers. My favorite medium is your mind.

H.R. Giger ~ RIP

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RIP H.R. Giger

Assholes With Guns

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Assholes With Guns - Cowboy Edition

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The Facebook Song

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The Facebook Song from Super Fantastic Ultra on Vimeo.

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