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Dr. Grumbles at PetroPharm Labs, Alameda Point Navy Base.I moved from Maine to the Bay Area in 1990. At one time I had an art studio at Alameda Point Navy Base. The base is no longer in operation, and is now open to the public. I learned a lot of history about the military base from the old timers that still maintain the electricity, telephones and other infrastructure. One thing I learned is that the Environmental Protection Agency was formed just to regulate this Navy base that was routinely dumping it’s waste into the bay. For over 60 years the EPA fined this military base, and they added the fine to their budget, and continued to dump chemicals and solvents used in maintaining the planes, jets, and air craft carriers that dock here. The boats still depart from this location when the troops head off to Iraq. Looking out my art studio door, I would look out at the bay and think, 60 years of dumping? Giant fences have radio active pollution signs on areas sectioned off on this base, with no answer for a clean up. There are like, 12 of these radio active zones. The idea of evilBay.com came from looking out at the San Francisco skyline (the sunset view of SF is amazing from Alameda Point!) and thinking about how polluted it is. About 3 miles away there is a public beach with wind surfers, kids, parks, soccer, cook outs. It’s a strange combination. It is so beautiful, industrial, and surreal. We made the no budget movie Super Spy Chick there. On the horizon are the giant cranes that inspired George Lucas to make the Land Walkers, the BART train goes by, the world’s most polluted military base on earth along the San Francisco Bay, and me.


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