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Dr. Grumbles at PetroPharm Labs, Alameda Point Navy Base.


Hi evilBay Jay here, welcome to my weird web site where I post many of my bad ideas. It’s not easy being an artist. A lot of the time I’m doing something stupid. I’d say one out of ten things I make are good, and that’s if I’m lucky. Artists must be ready to face a lot of failure, but that is how experiments are. You try something whack and see if it works. When it does not work, you just clean up and act like nothing happened.

There was a point when I had enough distance I could look back and be amused by certain failures. Maybe at the time I wanted something specific and moved on without realizing what was good about a piece. Later on, I may become amused, or grow to like some of these failed art pieces. I started the evilBay blog to post my failures and strange art studio results, but it has become so much more. Because I was comfortable enough to post my failures here, suddenly the evilBay blog feels more freeing, more real to me. Cool huh?

Starting in 1984 I taught art for 30+ years with kids. I love their clunky kooky art. I find it is the weird errors that make art feel human. You can feel the brain at work in each scribble drawing. Seriously, kids art is a trip. The weirdness, immediacy, and honesty is freeing to behold.

So now that I’m ancient and old, I have learned not to be so quick to judge and simply love the things I create. I’m not a commercial artist. I don’t show in galleries. I don’t really know why I make art, so I don’t want to put too much pressure on my muse. I just let her do as she pleases and I come along for the ride. I like to learn. I like to try new things. I don’t stick to the same medium. I love crafting with real physical objects, but I also love learning new technologies in animation, A. I. , and game dev. Here are but a few of my many art works and geeky multimedia projects I have on line:

JEMoores.com : Mobile Video Games for iOS, Android, Windows

Tales Too Terrible To Tell : Weird Tales inspired Animated Music Videos

JackOLantern.ORG : Animated Halloween Videos

Super Spy Chick : No budget movie – I play Dr. Grumbles!

Time Brats : Sequel to Super Spy Chick. Dr. Grumbles is up to no good again.

JEMTOY.com : I design laser cut toys for laser cutters, paper toys, resin toys

Books by J. E. Moores : Subversive books for kids, How To Make Resin Toys book

Wiggly Loaf : The Loaf is my most famous creation. Starting out as chalkboard doodles in my art room, then simple cartoony online memes, several mobile games later and the Loaf has gone global. For some reason, everyone loves Wiggly Loaf, so Wiggly Loaf loves everyone. So happy.

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