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Anunnaki & Nibiru Images in Art History

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first of all, why is it that people find it necessary to smack their lips when they are explaining something? not to mention that none if this is going to happen. remember y2k? there is an end of the world every few years. jesus christ people are your lives that miserable that you have to sit around all day and try to connect random dots to make theories of mass destruction that would more than likely kill you in if they were in fact going to happen? its ridiculous! i mean the guy gets amusement out of talking about the end of the world, it almost looks like hes happy. stop sitting behind your damn computer so much and get outside and breath some fresh air you paranoid dipshit.

hey man,
I thought your video was interesting, typicaltroll had some good points of getting outside taking a deep breath and living in love instead of fear, but he’s still a douche. It resonates with a lot of other shit I’ve read about this. Have you ever heard of Drunvalo Melchizedek or the mer ka ba? Also my favorite book of all the The Lost Teachings of Atlantis by Jon Peniel. I am at a point in my life right now that I don’t know what to believe anymore. But I know that Love conquers all and if you have that truly on your side (ie living it, not just saying it) you can’t be beat.


also check out me and my sisters band the song The Serpent Grid is about the annunaki

I have some sort of degree in Art History and Philosophy, the Nibiru / Annunaki stuff is my comedy routine. I call it apocalyptic humor. No one can know everything about such ancient stuff. However it is fun to play around with it all in one’s mind. I find it all amusing, because anything else would be terrifying. I find it best to laugh when I find out what I thought was water is really vinegar. I also believe there are a lot of grains of truth in these old stories. I can just feel it in my bones. I have seen flying machines over the White Mountains of New Hampshire from a summer camp I taught art at (yes, I get out plenty). We phoned the cops and fire marshal, and they sat in the field with us and watched the light show. They phoned several places to confirm it was NOT a weather balloon or anything else known! We saw triangular ships, and each corner had a different colored light, that would blink one at a time as they hovered and floated over Mt. Washington. This was around ’88 or ’89… so I really got into reading about what it all could be. Secret military program? Alien visitors? I don’t know, but I find it really interesting and fun to think about! Thanks for posting!

so you dont believe in the annunaki nibiru thing? its a comedy routine? I honestly dont know what to believe the part but I dont feel any terror about the future. I havent looked much into aliens because i find our own minds so interesting im too busy trying to unlock things in my inner world to worry about anything extraterrestrial. I do find it interesting tho. Have u heard of the Mer Ka Ba? what r your thoughts on it…

Because many religions are an extension of the Annunaki mythos, I find that I believe there is something to it all, however it’s so kooky it also cracks me up. I’m not a very serious person. (I believe the Gods reward us for laughing, that’s why it feels so good). Since I can’t do anything about Nibiru either way, I find it fun to laugh about it, while I study it. I will admit that I do fear Nibiru, and I do think it’s coming. When? Who knows, time is so relative. Moon years? Sun years? Caesar years? I once had a Merkaba, I’d ride it to work – it got great gas mileage. Those Seraphim can really scream! Vrrroooom! Vroooom!

i feel like im in the dark about if anything will ACTUALLY happen also. So I choose to fulfill my own self interests, blindly, like most of us. I can’t help but be haunted by what I’ve read about such things and other more spiritual explanations. At how clearly they rang my inner bell of truth, yet I still decided to go on with my own selfish desires, as if no part of me believed. I do think that its set for 2012 tho, I think the only solution is to go off grid somewhat, stop eating this over processed bullshit, stop supporting this failing system, get back to natural time, change yourself cuz you can only change yourself, Mer Ka Ba, im talking about the electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things as talked about in “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life” by Drunvalo Melchizedek

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