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Howard The Duck

hand painted rubber duck

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I grew up reading Steve Gerber’s comic, Howard the Duck. I like complainers. I love to complain. I also like Oscar the Grouch, and Eeyore. What can you do? Steve Gerber is dead, and I’m old, but Howard’s comics just came out in an Omnibus collection, and I really enjoyed it. I was sad when it ended. I looked high and low for a good rubber duck that had a proper “Howard” bill, and did my best to paint his image onto the toy to celebrate. Love the duck.

About the image behind the rubber duck. That was the picture from the vintage t-shirt sold in the 70's (I owned three of them.) Where did you find the image? I would love to re-create the shirt (soley for my own personal use.)

The Howard The Duck Omnibus edition on Amazon has every scrap of paper that ever had Howard printed, in reprint. It's giant, and a great read. Love the duck! (Bev's not so bad either…)

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