Born Against : Hardcore Christian Folk Music

Born Against

I wish there was a sect of Christianity that was more about the man than the myth. I dig Jesus in a big way, but I don’t believe in any of the malarkey. That’s right, I think the man’s words of love, peace, and forgiveness is enough. I don’t need an Immaculate Conception, Resurrection, Harrowing of Hell, or Ascension to hear the truth in what the man taught during his life time.

After attending a Tenacious D concert, on the drive home I got to wondering what the D would be like if they were to become Born Again. I imagined them writing songs about their love for Jesus, but still cussing a lot. I thought it would be funny to write a few songs, but then more and more ideas continued to hit me and I wrote a lot more songs than I ever intended. The Born Against project started to take over my mind and situations would make me think, I have to go write a song about that.

I have always enjoyed using my sense of humor when writing songs. I like playful mischief when I make art or write. My previous solo music project was My Friends Are All Jerks, which were songs where I make fun of my closest friends. It’s funny to write songs just to bug my friends. It’s the concept that cracks me up most. Once I get a concept in my head, the rest just pours forth ready or not.

Born Against is not anti-Christian, in fact it’s Hardcore Christian. The voice is something like, ‘I fuckin’ love the Lord Jesus!’, kind of lyrics. The gritty cussin’ lyrics combined with a strong faith in the Lord shocks my ears every time I hear it, and then it cracks me up because it’s so weird to hear those attitudes together. If this sort of thing offends you, don’t worry. God has a wicked sense of humor.