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  • Born Against FREE MP3s

    FREE Music MP3s: God Don’t Give A Crap Walk With The Lord YCG2H4T Every Living Seed Forgive Our Fuckin’ Sins Jews Killed Jesus Nondenominational Word All 7 Songs

  • My Friends Are All Jerks

    This is a music project from 2007 where I make fun of a few of my closest friends. If I have not recorded a song about you yet, you are still not safe. It’s coming… My Friends Are All Jerks – Click below for FREE MP3s Vlad The Inhaler Scott Cordner Mitchell Vaillant’s Toe Nails…

  • Christianity

    BORN AGAINST Hardcore Christian Folk Music Demo Track: God Don’t Give A Crap Demo Track: Walk With The Lord Demo Track: YCG2H4T Demo Track: Every Living Seed Demo Track: Forgive Our Fuckin’ Sins Demo Track: The Jews Killed Jesus Demo Track: Nondenominational Word