Herodotus – Evidence of Nibiru Polar Shift?

So I’m reading The Histories by Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian. I came across an interesting bit that links up to the urban myths of Nibiru, global polar shifts, 2012 end of the world stuff that I have so much fun researching.

Herodotus Book Two, chapter: 142 reads as thus:

Up to this point I have relied on the accounts given me by the Egyptians and their priests. They declare that three hundred and forty-one generations separate the first king of Egypt from the last I have mentioned – the priest of Hephaestus – and that there was a king and a high priest corresponding to each generation. Now to reckon three generations as a hundred years, three hundred generations make ten thousand years, and the remaining forty-one generations make 1340 years more; thus one gets a total of 11,340 years, during the whole of which time, they say, no god ever assumed mortal form; nothing of the sort occurred either under the former or under the later kings. They did say, however that four times within this period the sun changed his usual position, twice rising where he normally sets, and twice setting where he normally rises. They assured me that Egypt was quite unaffected by this: the harvests, and the produce of the river, were the same as usual, and there was no change in the incidence of disease or death.

Wow. Herodotus, you go fella! It sounds to me that Egypt is a good place to be when the planet does a polar shift. Imagine Nibiru passing so close that it’s mass pulls our planet out of it’s alignment. The storms, ocean movement, and total chaos is thought to destroy most living things on our little planet. Complete cultures disappear, dinosaurs go extinct, and advanced civilizations are swept into the dark ages, but Egypt is unaffected. Nibiru has an approximate orbit of 3600 years, which is really close to fitting into the four times the sun changed course in Herodotus’ estimate of how ancient Egypt is, (which is simply his estimate). Some kings lived longer and shorter than others, so one can only guess. All I know is that it all added up in my mind close enough to spend 2012 in Egypt. What blows my mind further is that Annunaki-like Gods are mentioned just a few lines down, so I continue with Herodotus Book Two, chapter 144:

Nevertheless, before their time in Egypt was, indeed, ruled by gods, who lived on earth amongst men, sometimes one of them, sometimes another supreme above the rest. The last of them was Horus the son of Osiris… It was Horus who vanquished Typhon and was the last god to sit upon the throne of Egypt.

Cairo is where the Pyramids stand. Cairo translated means: Mars. Mars is known to have pyramid structures, and a Sphinx, which can be seen on YouTube if you want to freak yourself out even more. Are the pyramids simply a marker for the safety zone on earth, and perhaps even Mars? If you were Annunaki, and can only visit planet Earth when Nibiru passes through our atmosphere, wouldn’t you want to land your ship in a safe spot? How many ancient spiritual words can you find that have a root with the Sumerian Gods known as the Annunaki? Annunaki, Amon Ra, Hanukkah, Amen… it might be a good time for a mass Exodus into Egypt. See you there.

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