Now that’s a strong immune system.

Jesus was not vaccinated and he rose from the dead.
After this year’s outbreak of measles at Disneyland the media has had a hay day blaming the unvaccinated. Let’s look at the media attention and the intention: This year’s flu has already killed hundreds, but since this year’s flu vax has been deemed ineffective, there is no product to sell. US Center of Disease Control records state there have been 57 deaths due to the MMR vaccine in last 25 years, yet only ONE death due to measles in the same time frame. Measles is top story because the MMR vax is ready and available for sale. This is, as always, about money, or we’d be talking more about all those poor (vaccinated) kids that died unprotected of the flu this year. Google: “dies of flu 2015” for the real tragedy that no one seems to be talking about. Notice how each article on the flu vaccine states it was made with the wrong virus strain and cannot protect anyone from the flu this year, but they still suggest that everyone go out and get a shot anyway! Also notice pretty much every media channel is sponsored by drug ads and you know this is simply a marketing strategy. Mass hysteria and fear is how Big Pharma is going to make their money after releasing their failed flu vax. Here’s a very interesting CNN video report debating both sides, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate: