TOJM – the dream

Good luck from my TOJM
Holding my TOJM.

I was young, and I had an odd dream. I was running through barricades, barbed wire, and war torn territories. Among a pile of rubble I found a small object. When I picked it up, I knew it was a TOJM, a good luck piece. In fact, I already knew that finding the TOJM guaranteed my success in what ever I endeavored into. It was as if I had always known about it, and now I had one. Holding it in my hand I remember running up and over piles of rubble, down long corridors trying to escape the battles behind, and find a safe place somewhere beyond. The TOJM gave me a mental security with it’s magical protection. Holding the TOJM, running toward the sun, toward the trees, away from the rubble, smoke, and debris. It’s nearly 40 years later, and I still have my TOJM. Here it is, still working wonders after all these years.

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