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  • Little Miss Dagon

    Little Miss Dagon

    In the misty coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, there lived a peculiar young girl named Alice Marsh. She was named after her great grandmother, a woman who was rumored to possess an otherworldly connection to the sea. Alice, with her bright eyes and unruly curls, had always felt a magnetic pull towards the vast Atlantic…

  • I Am The Groon

    Nothing I can do about it. I am the Groon. Just when you feel you have suffered enough, here comes the Groon to challenge and trouble you even further. You know, being a creative person is weird. Over the past few decades I found myself writing little campfire songs, working them out in my journal,…

  • The Facebook Song

    The Facebook Song from Super Fantastic Ultra on Vimeo.

  • Halloween Cartoons

    FREE Halloween Animation by J.E.Moores at JackOLantern.ORG NEW! Order JackOLantern.ORG Halloween Tee Shirts!

  • Nondenominational Word

    God is good. God is great. Don’t use God to support your hate. God is joy. God is love. When we pray, we all look above. God…Haven’t you heard? God… is a nondenominational word. We have many bodies. But only one life. God is powerful, God is wise.

  • Every Living Seed

    Every Living Seed from J.E.Moores on Vimeo.

  • My Friends Are All Jerks

    This is a music project from 2007 where I make fun of a few of my closest friends. If I have not recorded a song about you yet, you are still not safe. It’s coming… My Friends Are All Jerks – Click below for FREE MP3s Vlad The Inhaler Scott Cordner Mitchell Vaillant’s Toe Nails…

  • Forgive Our Fuckin’ Sins

    Forgive Our Fuckin’ Sins from J.E.Moores on Vimeo.

  • YCG2H4T

    YCG2H4T from J.E.Moores on Vimeo.