Author: jemoores

  • Sigil of Satan

    Sigil of Satan

    Consult your grimoire, use magic to open the gate of Hell, rescue the witch, read the runes, and succeed using the Sigil of Satan.

  • The Call Of Cthulhu

    The Call Of Cthulhu

    I call this project A. I. Lovecraft because I am using A.I. to create images for The Call Of Cthulhu by H. P. Lovecraft. The playlist above will soon have fifteen videos for a ninety minute total playtime. This project is a work in progress, so know that I am somewhere far away making the…

  • Little Miss Dagon

    Little Miss Dagon

    In the misty coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, there lived a peculiar young girl named Alice Marsh. She was named after her great grandmother, a woman who was rumored to possess an otherworldly connection to the sea. Alice, with her bright eyes and unruly curls, had always felt a magnetic pull towards the vast Atlantic…

  • I Am The Groon

    Nothing I can do about it. I am the Groon. Just when you feel you have suffered enough, here comes the Groon to challenge and trouble you even further. You know, being a creative person is weird. Over the past few decades I found myself writing little campfire songs, working them out in my journal,…

  • Vinnie Barbarino as Kylo Ren

    Spoilers galore, Star Wars The Force Awakens review: A good bad guy is what makes a movie great. Some of the best are, the Wicked Witch of the West, Colonel Kurtz, Hannibal Lecter, Frank from Blue Velvet, and Darth Vader to name a few. My biggest leap with the latest Star Wars movie was the…

  • King James’ Wooden Leg

    I heard that King James got the Kindle App for his wooden leg just in time for the free Snotgrass promo starting April 1 All Fools Day!  

  • Label GMOs?

    Maine is pushing toward labeling GMO foods. Personally I support banning and burning them. Labels actually support GMO production. Organic food is already labeled. Here’s my slogan when shopping: If it don’t say Organic, it’s Satanic! I wonder what the GMO warning labels will look like. This is what I’d like to see… GMO inside,…

  • Now that’s a strong immune system.

    After this year’s outbreak of measles at Disneyland the media has had a hay day blaming the unvaccinated. Let’s look at the media attention and the intention: This year’s flu has already killed hundreds, but since this year’s flu vax has been deemed ineffective, there is no product to sell. US Center of Disease Control…

  • Today’s can of worms

    I believe it is the artist’s role to shake things up. Not paint pretty pictures, but make you think. Questions are better than answers. My favorite medium is your mind.