Now that’s a strong immune system.

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Jesus was not vaccinated and he rose from the dead.
After this year’s outbreak of measles at Disneyland the media has had a hay day blaming the unvaccinated. Let’s look at the media attention and the intention: This year’s flu has already killed hundreds, but since this year’s flu vax has been deemed ineffective, there is no product to sell. US Center of Disease Control records state there have been 57 deaths due to the MMR vaccine in last 25 years, yet only ONE death due to measles in the same time frame. Measles is top story because the MMR vax is ready and available for sale. This is, as always, about money, or we’d be talking more about all those poor (vaccinated) kids that died unprotected of the flu this year. Google: “dies of flu 2015” for the real tragedy that no one seems to be talking about. Notice how each article on the flu vaccine states it was made with the wrong virus strain and cannot protect anyone from the flu this year, but they still suggest that everyone go out and get a shot anyway! Also notice pretty much every media channel is sponsored by drug ads and you know this is simply a marketing strategy. Mass hysteria and fear is how Big Pharma is going to make their money after releasing their failed flu vax. Here’s a very interesting CNN video report debating both sides, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate:

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The Facebook Song

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The Facebook Song from Super Fantastic Ultra on Vimeo.

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Born Against FREE MP3s

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Born Against FREE MP3s

FREE Music MP3s:

God Don’t Give A Crap
Walk With The Lord
Every Living Seed
Forgive Our Fuckin’ Sins
Jews Killed Jesus
Nondenominational Word
All 7 Songs

Nondenominational Word

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God is good. God is great. Don’t use God to support your hate. God is joy. God is love. When we pray, we all look above. God…Haven’t you heard? God… is a nondenominational word. We have many bodies. But only one life. God is powerful, God is wise.

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God Don’t Give A Crap

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Smokin’ Jesus in 3D

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Smokin' Jesus in 3D

Smokin’ Jesus in 3D

Every Living Seed

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Every Living Seed from J.E.Moores on Vimeo.

Born Against : Hardcore Christian Folk Music

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Born Against

I wish there was a sect of Christianity that was more about the man than the myth. I dig Jesus in a big way, but I don’t believe in any of the malarkey. That’s right, I think the man’s words of love, peace, and forgiveness is enough. I don’t need an Immaculate Conception, Resurrection, Harrowing of Hell, or Ascension to hear the truth in what the man taught during his life time.

After attending a Tenacious D concert, on the drive home I got to wondering what the D would be like if they were to become Born Again. I imagined them writing songs about their love for Jesus, but still cussing a lot. I thought it would be funny to write a few songs, but then more and more ideas continued to hit me and I wrote a lot more songs than I ever intended. The Born Against project started to take over my mind and situations would make me think, I have to go write a song about that.

I have always enjoyed using my sense of humor when writing songs. I like playful mischief when I make art or write. My previous solo music project was My Friends Are All Jerks, which were songs where I make fun of my closest friends. It’s funny to write songs just to bug my friends. It’s the concept that cracks me up most. Once I get a concept in my head, the rest just pours forth ready or not.

Born Against is not anti-Christian, in fact it’s Hardcore Christian. The voice is something like, ‘I fuckin’ love the Lord Jesus!’, kind of lyrics. The gritty cussin’ lyrics combined with a strong faith in the Lord shocks my ears every time I hear it, and then it cracks me up because it’s so weird to hear those attitudes together. If this sort of thing offends you, don’t worry. God has a wicked sense of humor.